1. All work carried out by The Diff Shop is not to be tampered with or any warranty claims or comebacks are void.

  2. All work that is done at The Diff Shop is to run REDLINE OIL supplied by us to have a valid warranty. If this oil is not used in the proper way there will be no warranty cover at all with The Diff Shop.

  3. Any work used in Race cars, Drag cars, Hybrid vehicles or 4WD use don’t carry a warranty unless stated on paper, as these are abusive situations that are unclassified in manufacturer outlines; therefore will not be covered.

  4. Any job left uncontacted within 3 months may be sold to recover the cost.

  5. All jobs must be paid for in full unless prior arrangement has been made.

  6. Cheques must be cleared for the release of the job. Cheques only accepted to the discretion of management, otherwise, cash or bank deposit required.

  7. Any parts supplied will not fall under our jurisdiction and the job will void their warranty. Second hand used parts will only be fitted at the customer’s request. If the parts are not suitable to fit the job required we have the right to decline the usage of any parts and can abandon the job.

  8. Our work hours are 8:00 AM – 5.00 PM Monday to Friday, closed all public holidays and over the Christmas and new year period.